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Skater Dresses | FashionMonday

Hello everyone & Happy FashionMonday!
It's just 2 days left until Christmas day, so I thought I would talk
about something to wear on that day (or for new Year's Eve): Skater Dresses!

I found out about this kind of dresses recently, and even though I
didn't find the perfect one for me yet,
I may have tried on some pieces and discovered
that this style actually fits me quite good.

What I like about skater dresses is that they fit almost every
body shape: it enhances your waistline, hiding at the
same time your butt (!) and your (possibly) large hips.
I think it covers up flaws in your hips area, not only if
you have large ones as I mentioned above, but also if you don't have
hips at all, because it creates the illusion of a very
femine hourglass figure, which I really like.
What I don't like about these dresses is that they mostly come in
a very short length, too short for tall women like me (I'm 175 cm/ 5.8 ft).

It's very hard to find longer skater dresses, at least it is where I live,
and it is sort of risky to buy them online since not every
website shows you the actual length of the dress in its description.

How to style them?

These dresses are extremely easy to style. They mostly come in plain
colours but you can find some with designs too.
In winter I would style them with a nice cardigan,
tights and a pair of oxfords for daytime, or a nice cropped blazer,
tights and ankle boots for the night time.
When the weather will be warmer I would style them
with a nice pair of flats and a shoulder bag for daytime
and with a precious pair of heeled sandals or wedges
and a clutch for a fancy night out.

How would YOU style skater dresses?

For Daytime: 

For Nighttime: 

My Picks

As usual, here's the three skater dresses
that I would definitely buy if I could.




That's it for today guys! What will you wear on Christmas Day?
Are you going for a nice skater dress? Let me know in the comments below :)

Check out my Skater Dresses Collection on Polyvore <3

Have a nice day y'all :)

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