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E.l.f. haul | BeautyFriday

Hello everyone!

My first beauty post for BeautyFriday, yay! 
I'm feeling very christmassy today because my Elf order just arrived and I'm here with a big haul for you guys. I just realized my "Elf obsession" comes back always on Christmas time, I'm not really sure why? I guess because of the amazing offers they put out during holiday season... they litterally teased me with this 50% off on everything.
Yes, I said 50%, and that means I purchased all this stuff with 27 Euros, shipping fee included. Isn't this amazing? But let's have a look on what I ordered:

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink | Studio Concealer in beige | Mineral Lip Tint in Berry

50 pc Makeup Artist Palette | Mineral Foundation in Beige | Natural Lash Kit eyelashes in Black |
Liquid Eyeliner in Black | Basic Eyeshadow Brush

let's start with a focus on each thing I received:

False Eyelashes. Ok, we're in the holiday season... is there a better season to wear false eyelashes than this? I was actually running out of falsies and felt the urgent need to get a new pair.
These were already cheap, but with 50% off they were a total bargain and I couldn't resist.
They are quite long but they look quite natural anyway, I'm just a little bit concerned because of the wide band at the lashline. We'll see. (€1.70)

And here it is what I've been wanting the most!
I owned a very very old makeup palette that a friend gave to me years ago as a Christmas present, but it's now eccessively old and I was not sure anymore how safe it was for my skin to use it. So I needed a new one! Since I don't own a lot of blushes or bronzers (just a couple of them) I was actually looking for a palette with both eyeshadows and a good variety of blushes and bronzers... I think this is the perfect combination.

When you open it you can take the blushes and bronzers section off and divide it from the eyeshadow section, and you can do the same with the eyeshadows. This looks very handy, since you have a smaller palette with everything and you can switch the section you need and hide the other one. I think that's brilliant, expecially for me since i don't have a lot of space to store bigger palettes like those that open up like a big fan or with loads of drawers.

There's a wide selection of bronzers and blushers colors, even though some of them may be more suitable on either very pale skintones or very dark. So that's maybe not the best thing for a single user like me but who knows... maybe next summer I'll spend a whole month in the Hawaaiis and I'll get such a great tan that I might need a darker bronzer? Just dreaming, I know, sorry. By the way, I can't really blame anyone but me about this, because it is the "Makeup Artist Palette", so it's supposed to be suitable for multiple skintones since makeup artists work with a various range of different people with different skintones.

Blushers go from a very pale pink (left), to a baby pink, a neon fuschia, a more natural mauve pink tone, and a peachy-orangey tone. I would say they are all quite matt,  it's not a heavy matt though.
The  bottom right color has a little more shimmer in it but it's quite subtle anyway.

As for eyeshadows there's a wide range of different colors: a lot of browns, purples and burgundy tones, a few pinks, greys and blues, and a couple of greens and highlighters.
Most of them have a satin or pearl finish, but a few of them are matt too.

Mineral foundation is something I usually use in summer. Last time I bought one was from Bottega Verde (an Italian brand), but they discontinued it so last summer I struggled finding another cheap one. So with 50% off I decided to buy this one from Elf which has great reviews around the web. (€ 6,00)
The concealer is in "beige" and it's a creamy stick one, that I'll use to cover up dark spots or blemishes, since it has quite a dry texture, even though it still has a creamy formula. (€4.50)

I may have done a little damage on the lip products side. I purchased the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink: it's a glowy non-shimmery baby pink, quite pigmented considering it's a gloss! (€1,70)
The lip stain is in "red carpet" and it's a nice vibrant berry red, totally matt. (€ 4.50)

And eventually, this mineral lip tint, which has more like a classic lipstick-chapstick  creamy formula. It's in "berry" and it's an everyday shade, quite shiny and looks-like-your-lips-but-better kind of color. (€4.00)

The black eyeliner ( 1,70) was a bit of a disappointment because the tip was flawed: it had a curve right on the point, therefore it's impossible to apply the product evenly on the lid. I already contacted Elf customer service and I'm waiting for their feedback. I hope the will send me another one, as they already did another  time with a flawed crease brush.

I guess I'll take some time to try all these products out and then I'll come back with a review.
What would you like a review on? Do you already own one or more of these products? Let me know!

Have a nice day <3

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