sabato 21 dicembre 2013

My Christmas Decorations | SundayFunday

Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been away for the past week, it's been a busy one.
I'm back with this totally random and christmassy post for SundayFunday, and it's about my Christmas Decorations!

How lovely is this little Santa sleigh to hang on the Christmas Tree? I just love it!
It's made out of wood, and I bought it in a local shop in my town for 1,50 E.

Here you go with other decorations hanging on my tree:

A little pine cone

I decided to go for silver, red and white this year, and i totally LOVE this color combo.
And I particularly love my silver glitter caviar balls!

Little wooden tree

You can't miss a little Santa and a (big) 
glittery reindeer on your Christmas tree!

Little wooden heart, twin brother of the tree above

Where I live it is tradition to set up the nativity scene, and here's mine. I got to admit I didn't do it, it was my mom. I prefer to decorate the tree, as always, so this is her job!

Little characters

Tiny sheeps

The actual nativity scene

The baby is still missing because we don't put it out there until Christmas day, it's tradition!

I really hope you liked this radom post on my Christmas decorations,
they make me feel so festive!

Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful last Advent Sunday :)
-3 till Christmas!

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