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Oxford Shoes | FashionMonday

Hello everyone!
I wanted to start this FashionMonday series (and the blog, since this is my first ever post) with shoes!
Women love shoes, and so do I, so I thought… why not starting with that one accessory that leaves our wallets empty the most?

As far as shoes are concerned, one of my favourite trends are Brogues, or Oxford Shoes. Actually, there might be a little bit of confusion going around the name of this kind of shoe: the model would be “brogues” (which comes from gaélic) , and “oxford” would refer to the way they are laced up. Anyway nowadays most people seem to refer to them simply calling them “Oxfords”.
Little note: in Italy we even call them “English shoes” :)

Brogues are those low-heeled shoes, usually in leather, with decorative perforations on the front and/or along visible edges.
Traditionally they would be men’s shoes and many women’s models keep that manly shape as well. Therefore not everyone is enthusiastic or like this kind of shoes mostly because of its not-very-feminine look.
Personally I love Brogues and I have been raving about them ever since they became a trend. I think it’s been a while now, since this trend is now become a sort of evergreen, a staple in our wardrobe and every fall/winter season they keep being produced and sold by a lot of fashion brands, both affordable and high-end ones.

They are coming out in many different colors these last seasons, but their most common one is black. Grey, brown, taupe and camel are quite common too, but I think Brown is the one color that look a lot like men’s shoes when it comes to brogues, so don’t go for this color if you are not very much into that style.

They also comes in two-colors style (called “Spectators Shoes”), like these one from The Office. Definitely a more fun way to wear Brogues! 

How to style them?

Personally, I think Oxfords look at their best with jeans or black trousers. It is true that they have a sort of manly look, which I love, and therefore I think they should not be styled with excessive manly clothes in order to avoid that “she’s dressed like a man” look (except if that’s what you really want to achieve, than go for it!). So I would not consider wearing them with blazers or boyfriend-fit jeans or trousers, but I would rather put them together with a nice pair of skinny jeans or a nice black skater skirt with tights.
If you’re not very much into the classic Brogues because you think they look too manly, just look for a gorly pair. There are a lot of those, usually with a finer sole and creamy colors. Sometimes they also come with flower prints or other nice decorations like these ones from John Rocha:

Or these ones from Stuart Weitzman, with perforated clear insert:

My Picks

Here you go with a little gallery of my favourite pairs, divided in three price-oriented groups.
Little note: Since Oxfords seem to have become a sort of staple in shoes fashion, I would consider spending a little more, hence buying a higher quality pair with a nice leather so that they would last me longer in years. I’m sure we will see these shoes still for many other years around!




I currently own a black nabuk pair of Oxfords I bought a couple of years ago in Switzerland (here's a similar pair).They’re from Deichmann and they were very cheap but they’re getting really old now, so… I guess I’ll see you soon for an Oxfords/Brogues haul post? : )

What do you think of these shoes? How would you style them?

Have a nice day <3

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  1. Awesome selection. I love these shoes too! Congrats on your first post. I like it. Looking forward to see more :)

    xx Mira

    1. Thank you Mira! Have you checked my spaghetti with mussels post yet? And there's a new beauty post going live tomorrow! Hope to see you again around here :)

      Xxxx Valentina

  2. I also own 2 pairs, they're so easy to combine and very comfortable!

    1. Totally agree :) fashionable shoes are often very uncomfortable but oxfords are trendy and comfy at the same time ;)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting... Check the weekly schedule and come back for more!

      xxx Valentina